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The Watchmen and Astound Sound Are Coming to Ragtown!

By June 21, 2007 No Comments

The last weekend of this month will be a great time to come to Ragtown Gospel Theater.  THE WATCHMEN will be performing on Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th.  That is really exciting for us.  They were one of the first groups we talked to about performing here, because we were big fans already. We have had a couple of dates set, but for various reasons, had to re-schedule.  Now it’s finally going to happen, so think about calling someone and coming on down to Post to enjoy this classic Southern Gospel group.

The first Sunday of the month we always have a matinee performance at 3:00 pm.  Sunday, July 1st, our music guests will be ASTOUND SOUND!  Now, if you want to see and hear a fun group, this is the one you want to be here to enjoy.  ASTOUND SOUND is an acapella quartet.  These four women bring amazing harmony and vitality to their music.  They are a delight to  hear and to watch. 

That Sunday is also Glenn’s birthday, and after his presentation of Peter the Rock, we’ll be having cake and ice cream in the lobby.  I’m looking forward to Astound Sound’s rendition of “Happy Birthday” already!

Our audiences have been steadily growing in number, as you who have attended continue to help us with that much-appreciated commodity, “word of mouth advertising.”  It truly is the best, and I would ask you to tell or email everyone you know about your experience here.  We want everyone to see Peter the Rock before the season ends, and we are over halfway through already. 

Which reminds me…there is a note about us being circulated among those “forwards” we all share.  It includes a flyer we have sent out to those folks who have given us their email adresses.  I appreciate what this friend of the ministry says about us.  If you would like to receive the email, so you can forward it on to your email contacts, drop me a note at chip@ragtown.com and I will gladly forward it to you.  It includes an attachment advertising our 07-07-07-at 7 Benefit Concert which will feature Branson entertainer Donnie Sneed. 

Which brings up a change we’re making at Ragtown that I hope will help build our Saturday audiences.  We have been told by many that we should start the Saturday performances earlier, so it will end early enough to make it a little easier to get up for church the next morning.  We are taking their advice, and beginning this week we will begin the Saturday shows at 7:00 pm rather than 8:00.  We will continue to start Friday evening at 8:00 o’clock, but Saturdays we will start the music at 7:00 pm, and Peter the Rock will end at 9:00 pm.   We hope to see you at Ragtown soon.

 Bless Y’all!