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The Batten Family

By May 8, 2007 No Comments

Bluegrass music is always fun, but Bluegrass Gospel, done the way three generations of Battens do it, is just terrific!   Last Saturday night was the Batten Family’s first appearance at Ragtown Gospel Theater, and I hope there will be many more.   I certainly didn’t get enough, and judging from the way the audience was crowded around their table to buy CD’s after the performance, a lot of people wanted more.

We had first heard of the Battens from our son, Jordan, who has produced their CD’s for several years at Digital Base Studios in Lubbock.   He invited us to stop by and meet them during their most recent recording session, and I got just a taste that close harmony and instumental magic.  The theater wasn’t even completed then, but it became a goal if mine to introduce The Batten Family on the stage one day.  It was a delight to see them so well-received by our audience, and I can’t wait for them to perform again.  Be watching the site, and don’t miss it when The Batten Family returns to Ragtown.