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By June 18, 2007 No Comments

Saturday night at Ragtown Gospel Theater we were blessed by the music of SISTERS JOY.  Blessed, not only by their delightful performance, but by the heart they share for the message in those songs.  These three women are everything you are hoping to find when you attend a Southern Gospel music show.  We hope this was the first of many, many  times that we are able to introduce SISTERS JOY on the Ragtown Gospel Theater stage.   Their energy, harmony, and sweet spirit filled the room.  It was a special evening for all who were there.  

 It is always so encouraging for us to see the reaction of people the first time they experience walking into the theater.  The new music performers in particular, because it is a marvelous room to sing in.  The acoustics of Ragtown Gospel Theater are truly amazing, and the Wally Moyers designed sound system is a joy to experience, both as a performer and as an audience member.

After SISTERS JOY sang, they joined the audience for PETER the ROCK.  Like so many, they were unprepared for what they experienced.  Few plays have such a profound impact on so many audience members.  GLENN POLK as the Apostle Peter is powerful.  We are halfway through the season already.  Don’t let the opportunity to see this slip away. 

Bless Y’all!