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Ragtown Gospel Theater…It’s Been A Bumpy Road

By July 22, 2015 No Comments

As amazing as it is to us, every week we hear from people who have just now heard about Ragtown Gospel Theater. They had no idea we even existed. I don’t mean people from a hundred miles away. I mean people from Lubbock. From Snyder and Ralls, Brownfield. People from just up the road.

Recently we heard from some folks who for years had lived within a thirty or forty minute drive of Post. They just retired and moved across the state to the Hill Country.

Getting acquainted with some folks there, they were telling them where they came from, and the people said, “Well, then you must have gone to Ragtown!” Nope…never heard of it.

This past Saturday I ran into an old high school classmate of mine who happened to be in Post to visit her mom. She had wanted to come to a Ragtown production, but thought the theater was outdoors, and her mother wouldn’t be able to take the heat.

Nope…we pay a $3,000 monthly electric bill to keep it nice and cool. It’s an indoor theater. A gorgeous indoor theater.

Clearly, we need to do a better job of communicating.

With the road to Ragtown being paved in a few weeks…(Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord…and the County Judge and Commissioners!) we’re gearing up now to get the word out. Since the night we opened the theater in 2007, the road has been the only thing anyone has ever complained about.

Yes…it has been a bumpy road, in more ways than one, for eight years. But when you get there, isn’t it worth it? It has been for us.

But, my hope is that this new paved road is also a picture of a smoother ride on the horizon for Ragtown Gospel Theater as well.

Even though the road isn’t paved just yet, I hope you will come down it one more time…to see “Sinai, The Mountain of God.” I am so proud of this production. Five wonderful men of God are presenting such a picture of the closeness and ease that we can each be experiencing right now in our relationship with Jesus. You really should see it.

And I want you to hear what we’re doing with Ragtown Gospel Music! Along with a Ragtown Gospel version of some great old time classics, we have some new original songs that are really special to me. One in particular is called “The Unborn Children of God.” I wrote the song as we sat overnight in the waiting room of the hospital in Baltimore where our beautiful new grandson, Orynn Anciso was being born. In the midst of all those prayers for our daughter, Jency, and for the baby, the truth of this song came to me.

It really seems to resonate with the ones who have heard it. When people ask me for a copy of the words of a new song, as several have for this one, I know something special is going on. I can’t wait to sing it for you.

In Dependence!