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Saturday, March 11th
Saturday, March 18th
Saturday March 25th

Saturday, April 1st
Saturday. April 8th
Saturday, April 15th

All performances at 3:00 p.m.


Thee Hallelujahs

Coast To Coast Holy Ghost Revival Crusade

Written by Chip Polk

Directed by Glenn Polk

It’s been ten years since we met The Reverend Joey Hallelujah, everybody’s favorite televangelist. Now…he’s coming back! This time, not in just one show, but in a season-long series of three can’t miss productions.

These days, who doesn’t need to laugh? And everyone hungers for a joyful message of spiritual reassurance. Joey Hallelujah is just the man to offer both. And then some!

Six Performances March 11th through April 15th
Thee Hallelujahs
Coast To Coast Holy Ghost Revival Crusade

It’s been ten years since The Reverend Joey Hallelujah crashed his private jet on Patmos, where he met John the Apostle. We all remember that hilarious and heartwarming story.

A lot of things have changed for Joey in the meantime. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is his passion for preaching the Gospel. He’s decided to take his whole family and go back to his roots, launching a coast-to-coast, old-fashioned tent revival. He’ll be traveling city to city across America, starting at Plymouth Rock, proclaiming the Way, the Truth, and the Life of Jesus.

Not only that, but he’s hoping to share the whole experience behind the scenes in a reality TV show called Thee Hallelujahs! …taped at Ragtown Gospel Theater before a live studio audience. That’s you!

Don’t miss the fun we’ll be having this season at Ragtown. Chip Polk and Jeff Bailey kick things off with a terrific concert, getting you ready for a show you’re going to love sharing with family and friends.

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