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Saturday, June 6th
Sunday, June 7th
Saturday, June 13th
Sunday, June 14th
Saturday, June 20th
Sunday, June 21st
Saturday, June 27th
Sunday, June 28th



What happens when a rock ‘n roll heartthrob from the fifties moves into Little Willows Retirement Home?


JUNE 6th – JUNE 28th!

Chip Polk opens in concert for each performance. All shows begin at 3:00 pm.

It was 1959 when Sweet Sixteen hit the charts. Every sixteen-year-old girl in America instantly fell head over heels in love with handsome young Cobb Cochran. Now over 60 years later, when he suddenly shows up single and available at Little Willows Retirement Home, the one hit wonder is still strumming those heartstrings.

This new comedy is the spring production at Ragtown Gospel Theater, opening February 29th with Glenn Polk as Cobb Cochran. If you were a fan of Saint John & the Televangelist, you’re going to love this light-hearted story that brings the magic of Bill Woodard and Glenn Polk back together on the Ragtown stage.  The cast for Sweet Sixteen also includes some of our most gifted comedic actors, including David Johnson, Christy Morris, Mitzi Ravenscraft, Amy Weems, Twila Polk, Nancy Thuett, Ronald Thuett, and David Burk.  This quirky collection of Little Willows residents will make Sweet Sixteen one of our most memorable productions yet.

As always in Ragtown productions, there is a touching thread of the gospel woven throughout this funny and uplifting story. Gather family and friends and make plans now to attend this spring when Ragtown Gospel Theater in Post stages the premier production of Sweet Sixteen!

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