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The Psalmist

June 23rd – August 26th
(No Show July 7th)


November 10th – December 16th
(No Show November 24th)

The Psalmist

June 23rd – August 26th (No Show July 7th), 2018

Chip Polk and special guest vocalists open in concert for this beautiful and inspiring production. The pairing of singer and actor Christopher Smith as the Holy Spirit and the gifted Michael Williams as King David presents a compelling picture of the composer of the most memorable passages in the Psalms. A man after God’s own heart, David was perhaps the one mortal man, if ever one lived, who stood a chance to resist Satan’s temptation. As he plummets toward succumbing to the sin, he is unable to hear the counsel and haunting lament of the Spirit, who must witness his fall. A stunning set and wonderful supporting performances by David Brantley, David Burk, Nathan Graves, Sarah Smith, and Judy Burk make this 38th Ragtown production one of our most exquisite.

This play is a powerful message of hope for those of us on this side of the cross, where the Holy Spirit can reach out to us even in the midst of our sin, to counsel us, and show us a way of escape. Performances continue every weekend through August 26th.


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06/23 (Saturday)
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King David is described in the Bible as a man after God’s own heart, yet one who succumbed to his very human weakness. In spite of his great moral failing, David penned the most beautiful passages of the Bible. The Psalms he wrote resonate with every Christian, as David fully reveals his heart, from serene heights of joy in the Spirit, to morose depths of despair in the flesh.

The Psalmist explores in words and music, the relationship of this flawed hero of faith with the Holy Spirit. Throughout his life the Spirit would come to David, inspiring the beautiful words of His songs, only to depart, leaving him longing for the One who could impart the confidence and peace of knowing that God was with him. Unlike David, we who are in Christ today are incredibly blessed to have the Holy Spirit with us in every moment of every day. But that is a reality we so often fail to embrace.


November 10th – December 16th (No Show November 24th), 2018

Chip Polk opens in concert for each performance. All shows begin at 3:00 pm.
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Bethlehem is possibly the most thought-provoking of all the plays we have produced on the Ragtown stage. It begins with the creation of man, and ends with the birth of Jesus. The play presents the birth of the Savior from God’s perspective, which reveals the depths of God’s devotion to mankind, even before He breathed life into Adam. Knowing fully all that would occur, including the sacrifice of His life that Jesus would have to make, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit still chose to create man.

It presents a profound truth: That Jesus, willingly stepped away from HIs glory in Heaven and into the womb of Mary, to be born as a humble and helpless infant, solely for the purpose of offering each of us the opportunity for salvation through His death and resurrection. It is more than a story of the birth of Christ. It is a testimony of a love beyond comprehension…for us.