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Saturday, February 27th 3:00

Saturday, March 6th 3:00
Saturday, March 13th 3:00
Saturday, March 20th 3:00
Saturday, March 27th 3:00

Saturday, April 3rd (No Show)
Saturday, April 10th 3:00
Saturday, April 17th 3:00
Sunday, April 18th 3:00
Saturday, April 24th 3:00



His name was Judas Iscariot, the most enigmatic of all the Apostles of Jesus…the one who betrayed Him. On opposite hillsides outside Jerusalem, Jesus and his betrayer are enduring a very different kind of torment, both orchestrated by the enemy of God and man.
It has been twelve years since audiences first witnessed this riveting drama. It is certain to be one you will never forget. Judas the Lost Apostle remains among the most powerful and enduring stories we’ve ever presented on the Ragtown stage. Director Glenn Polk, who portrayed Judas in the original production, chose one of Ragtown’s most versatile and gifted actors, Michael Williams, to take on the extraordinarily challenging title role.
Chip Polk and special guest singers will be opening every performance.
Ragtown Gospel Theater continues our commitment to boldly fulfill our mission to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through drama and music during these challenging times. 
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** If you or anyone in your group requires special seating arrangements, parking considerations, or other assistance, please let us know prior to arriving at Ragtown.