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Say Nicklaus!

Ragtown Gospel Theater revives an audience favorite for the 2020 Christmas season. Say Nicklaus! returns to the Ragtown stage with splendid new additions to the cast, more music, and the imaginative and captivating story that has charmed and delighted audiences since its debut in 2012.

Travis Burge, an exciting actor and vocalist, who first captivated the Ragtown audience with his chilling portrayal of Satan in the 2018 production of Bethlehem, will join this year’s cast as the warm and loveable Nicklaus Elliffe. We’re also delighted to have Hope Sisemore paired with him as Meena Elliffe. Hope is the director of theater for Trinity High School in Lubbock.

Fresh from capturing the hearts of every audience with their portrayals of young sweethearts, Hank Taylor and Sarah Henderson in Ragtown the Musical, Christopher and Sarah Smith return to their roles as the irascible Cornelius Houchen and his long-suffering, utterly smitten assistant, Ula Goiterflaven.

In addition, Christopher Smith, who has played principal roles in many Ragtown productions, is taking on a new and challenging role in Say Nicklaus! this year. Not only is he playing Cornelius Houchen, Chris is also directing the musical. This will be the 45th production staged at Ragtown Gospel Theater, and the first that Glenn Polk has entrusted to another director. As he prepares to undergo an extensive back operation and significant rehab thereafter, Glenn is grateful for the commitment Chris and his wife, Sarah have made to Ragtown, and this very special show. Sarah worked to assemble a remarkably talented cast. Michael Williams, another veteran of numerous Ragtown plays, has also been assisting Chris.

Say Nicklaus! is a story that celebrates our most cherished traditions of Christmas, and in particular, the tradition of giving gifts at Christmas as a way of expressing the love of Christ to the special people in our lives. Taking place in the 1940s in a mythical eastern European region called Norpol Province, this is not a typical “biblical times” production, however, the Gospel is woven throughout the story.

Say Nicklaus! takes place at State Home for Children Number 13, a facility for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children. A zealous young administrator, Cornelius Houchen, played by Christopher Smith, is determined to prevent Nicklaus and Meena Elliffe, long-time house parents played by Travis Burge and Hope Sisemore, from distributing Christmas toys to the children of the facility. Faith, love, and redemption prevail, making this a heart-warming and inspiring story for all ages.
Nine children, their ages ranging from 6 to 16, are included in this family production that will be a wonderful and uplifting start to the Christmas season. They are Zachary Sawyer, Rayna Henson, Camden Smith, Carson Pedroza, Addison Ramsey, Swayzee Henn, Nixon Polk, Cayson Smith, and Kenzie Ramsey.

Also in this year’s cast are Nathan Taylor, Luke Blackmon, and Michael Williams. The production features all original music composed by Chip Polk and performed by the cast.

Chip Polk opens in concert for each performance. All shows begin at 3:00 pm.

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