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Joseph the Carpenter

A Christmas Musical

This sweet story depicts the events leading up to the birth of Christ, focused on the man whom God the Father chose to be the example of honorable manhood for His Son. Joseph’s touching humility, and the sense of his worth as a man are clearly revealed in this charming and moving story.

Joseph the Carpenter is a dramatic love story of supernatural proportions. Joseph faces what his family believes is the unforgivable infidelity of his betrothed. His protective elder brother, Cleopus, accuses Mary of unfaithfulness, and is convinced that she is a liar who is playing Joseph for a fool with her story of an angel, and the child she carries being placed in her womb by God.

Mary sees all hope for happiness vanish, and yet her faith in what she knows to be true will not be diminished. Her bravery in the face of the heinous accusation proves this splendid woman worthy of God’s trust.

This is a beautiful story of the reality of two people, young and vulnerable, which nevertheless choose faith, and stand firm and unshaken in that faith, and in their love.

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