An all-original, all-piano album by Chip Polk.

Chip has composed over fifty songs, and countless instrumental interludes for the plays and musicals he has written. This is a collection of twelve original pieces, some of which were composed as instrumentals, while others are instrumental versions of songs performed by vocalists in various productions.

Chip Polk is best known for his vocal performances, but he brings that same power and passion to the piano in these twelve offerings. Songs from Gethsemane, Bethlehem, Sinai, The Carpenter’s Son, Barnabas, Mystery of the Hebrew Scribe and The Psalmist are included. The only piece on the album not composed as part of a stage production is the title song, Signs & Wonders.

  1. Dolores Allen

    Love the cover. I am looking forward to coming in May (maybe twice) I am enjoying the DVD’s that I have (14j) and am watching them over and over at this time.
    Love you guys and look forward to seeing you. Dolores

  2. Jackie Lindsey

    Wow..I want mine ..& others to share the many blessings that you share with us! Just marvelous to listen to your talents. With much love… & prayer for all of you.. right now!!

  3. Jackie Lindsey

    What blessings in your musical talents…so glad to hear God works bursting out!!!!

  4. Ron Sullivan

    Love it and can’t wait to hear the CD

  5. Kathy Barton

    Chills as I watch and listen to Chip playing the piano. God speaks thru him!

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