Peter the Rock


“Peter the Rock” was an insightful and moving portrait of the apostle, Simon Peter, and his relationship with Jesus Christ. Taking place on the day that Peter is to be martyered, the apostle realizes that he will be seeing Jesus face to face within hours. It has been over thirty years since he has seen his Savior and friend, and even facing the agony of crucifixion, Peter is joyous. The play ran during Ragtown Gospel Theater’s very first season.

“Peter the Rock” shows us the humanity of the apostle, and the faithfulness of the Lord. In his hour of desperation, facing death, Jesus comes to comfort Peter in a vision. Seeing Jesus much as he did when the Lord appeared walking among the waves in the storm many years before, Peter realizes that he is facing a very similar test of his faith and courage.

Reflecting upon his life and work spreading the Gospel and establishing the foundation of the church, Peter reveals his character. This passionate man, who was first to follow, first to defend, and first to deny Christ is revealed in all his humanity. His regrets, doubts about his performance as a leader, and loving remembrances of the days he walked with Jesus and the other disciples show a man of humility and wisdom.