Mary, Mother of the Lord


The setting is Jerusalem, in the Upper Room, where Jesus and the twelve had previously shared the Last Supper. The time is several days after the ascension of Jesus. Those who witnessed that miraculous event have been instructed by Jesus to go to Jerusalem and wait there. Included in the large assembly are the remaining apostles of Jesus, and His family. They are apprehensive, without Jesus among them, not knowing how long they must remain. Still, they wait, anticipating what Jesus has described as being “clothed with power from on high.”

The Lord’s mother, having witnessed the brutal execution of Jesus, and the overwhelming joy of His resurrection, has now experienced his ascension from a mother’s perspective. She has watched as her son was taken from her, yet again.

“Mary, Mother of the Lord” presents a portrait of a very human, very loving mother, surrounded by friends and family who have shared the mystery and wonder of her miraculous life. Through their shared experience, both the humanity and the deity of Jesus are tenderly revealed.