The story weaves together the loose ends of a drama that exists between the lines of recorded scripture. Intriguing questions, unanswered by scripture, are left open to conjecture. Lazarus is just such an enigma, whose fate is not revealed. While the principles of faith presented are scripturally sound, some of the story you are about to see is speculation…what I call “an undeniable possibility.”

When this story takes place, Lazarus, whose miraculous resurrection from death foreshadowed the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, is ancient and in poor health. A distant relative and her husband, Ezra, live in his home and supply his needs.

Everyone who witnessed the miracle of his return to life is dead, including his sisters, Mary and Martha, all victims of the persecution of the followers of Jesus. Fearing that the legend and influence of Lazarus would increase, should an attempt to take his life be unsuccessful, he was left alive, and alone, and remains so. Although he laments that he is not with those he loves, Lazarus knows that his life serves a purpose he does not understand. He waits on his friend, the Lord Jesus, to reveal that purpose.

It is late in the day in Bethany, just a few miles from Jerusalem, on the eastern slope of the Mount of Olives. Bethany is where Lazarus lived, and, with his sisters, often hosted Jesus and His disciples when they would travel to Jerusalem. It is where Lazarus died and was restored to life by Jesus. It was in Bethany that Mary, Lazarus’ sister, anointed the feet and head of Jesus with perfume just before His crucifixion.