When I began to write “Judas the Lost Apostle,” I had only one clearly defined idea. I wanted Judas to present a clear picture of the contempt Satan has for mankind, and for GOD. As always happens, the writing was a journey, during which I became well acquainted—uncomfortably acquainted—with the man who would betray Christ for thirty pieces of silver.

It is a jarring experience to watch “Judas the Lost Apostle.” It was a disturbing challenge to write. The conclusions that came to me were nothing like my pre-conceived notions about the character and personality of Judas. I believe audiences will be surprised by the way this portrayal resonates. It is a situation built upon undeniable possibilities that are found between the lines of Scripture.

The response that I believe most people will have, is absolute thankfulness that we, in this age, live on this side of the cross, and this side of the Resurrection, under a Covenant of Grace and Forgiveness. I thank God for that, because without the Spirit of Christ living in and through me, I have so much in common with Judas Iscariot. We all do.
-Chip Polk