Joseph the Carpenter


Playwright Chip Polk shares his thoughts about “Joseph the Carpenter”

We know little about the personality of Joseph from scripture, and yet God chose this young man to guide His Son into manhood, a selection as crucial as His choice of Mary to be the mother of the Lord. This portrait of Joseph presents a glimpse of Christ in His glory in Heaven, and we see the heart of God, through the words of the angel, Gabriel, as he convinces Joseph to take Mary as his bride.

Director Glenn Polk, as he always does, finds a way to impart a believable quality of natural humanity in every character portrayed. Gabriel Rivera as Joseph perfectly presents an engaging mixture of gentle naïveté, depth and strength that seems to perfectly fit someone to whom GOD would entrust His SON. David Armendariz brilliantly gives us the passionate Clopas, zealously protective of his brother, Joseph. Sydney Kennedy is perfectly cast as Mary. We are struck by the childlike youth, glowing innocence, and a hint of steely determination framed against a foreshadowing of the trials she and Joseph are to face. A wonderful supporting cast brings touches of humor and warmth to this production.

Glenn Polk, in his portrayal of the angel Gabriel, manages to make supernatural altogether believable. It is not only believable, but evident that the supernatural presence of the Lord is working in and through the writing, directing, casting, and performance of Joseph the Carpenter, just as He has in every production at Ragtown Gospel Theater.