“Joey Hallelujah! God Loves America!”


In their first encounter, the founder and renowned leader of Hallelujah International Ministries, the Reverend Joey Hallelujah crashed his airplane on Patmos, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, while en route to a conference with the Pope. There was an old man living alone on the island who claimed to be John the Apostle. Joey Hallelujah assumed the man was a delusional hermit, while naturally, John assumed the flamboyant televangelist was another prophetic vision that he was to dutifully record in his Book of Revelation.

In this new chapter of the story, it is revealed that, upon his rescue, the televangelist publicly shared details of his journey through time and experiences with the Apostle John. His claims have had a damaging impact on Joey Hallelujah’s ministry. He is preparing an attempt to restore his image and credibility by televising a nationwide patriotic and spiritual crusade, when he us unexpectedly reunited with his dear friend from the past… the Apostle John.

The setting is the present day, days prior to the broadcast, in the television studio and office suite of the Reverend Joey Hallelujah at the headquarters of Hallelujah International Ministries.