He Gave His Word


    HE GAVE HIS WORD, the new album by The Ragtown Gospel Band will be released December 4th. You can pre-order your copies now, and they will be shipped as soon as we receive them. (How many people can you check off your Christmas shipping list just like that?)  And shipping is on us!

    Look at the powerful songs you’ll get on this CD:

    “He Gave His Word”
    “Unborn Children of God”
    “When I Pray With Jesus”
    “I Don’t Know The First Thing”
    “World of Hurt”

    Plus these songs that will lift your spirit and soothe your heart:

    “Get Out’a That Boat”
    “I’ve Been Raised”
    “You Can’t Have Faith Without Tribulation”

    RGB’s wonderful renditions of some of the all time classics:

    Brenda Rhoades’ matchless version of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”
    The old time favorite “Power In The Blood”
    And Chip Polk singing “Amazing Grace”

    All of this on one great cd, plus…Brenda Rhoades, Jay Young, and Chip Polk will be autographing every pre-ordered cd.

    HE GAVE HIS WORD – only $15