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As we begin our fourteenth year of productions, we’re more excited about this season than we’ve ever been. As you’ll see, we’re stepping outside the lines a bit, but our commitment is to never abandon our primary mission, to present the Person and the Promise of the Lord Jesus Christ through music and drama…

We hope you will be excited about these new offerings. We’re adding a little more comedy, and perhaps a few more of the plays will be punctuated with music. It is with great joy, and the belief that this is what the Lord would have us do, that we’re excited to reveal the schedule for the 2020 season.

We hope you will renew your Family Circle membership, and we will be looking forward to seeing you walk through the doors at Ragtown soon.


March 5th ~ April 23rd

We’re beginning our 16th season of productions with a brand new comedy. It’s a story about Noah. This story is filled with laughter, but there is an underlying, very thought-provoking story. The story of Noah is so relevant today, when the world seems to be tilting so deeply away from Truth. We’ve watched as it has become a time such as described in Isaiah 5:20, when evil is called good, and good called evil…an age not so unlike the times of Noah.

But there is a joyful hope for this age…because there is Jesus. This light-hearted telling of a story that is often dismissed as allegory or myth, may be the one that touches and inspires audiences more deeply than any other.


July 9th ~ August 27th

How appropriate that our landmark 50th production will be our wonderful summer musical, RAGTOWN, returning to the stage for a third season. Celebrating the enigmatic story of the founding of Post City, Texas by the famous cereal inventor, C.W. Post, this is also one of the most powerful presentations of forgiveness and reconciliation through faith that we’ve ever put on the stage. It’s a great show for the whole family with extraordinary original music and orchestration, lots of laughter, a little romance, and a powerful helping of just what our country needs to hear right now.


November 5th ~ December 17th

We’ll celebrate the end of our 16th season with our most beautiful Christmas musical, BETHLEHEM. For over a decade, thousands of families have been captivated by this powerful presentation of the events beginning with the creation of man, and culminating in the birth of Jesus. It is a wonderful event, a moving and insightful story, filled with music and pageantry, for the whole family to share.

Your Family Circle Membership gives you TWO SEATS for all three productions, and you may attend as many times as you like, for no additional charge. Many Family Circle members attend our shows multiple times, sharing the Ragtown experience with new guests each time they attend.

Because your adult guests are friends of the family, they get a 25% discount on their tickets, paying only $16.50 per ticket, because they’re with you.

Sign up today and we’ll get your 2020 Family Circle packet in the mail right away. We also have some surprises that will be offered exclusively to members of the Family Circle this year. If you have questions, just give Robin a call at 1-877-724-8696.