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As we begin our fourteenth year of productions, we’re more excited about this season than we’ve ever been. As you’ll see, we’re stepping outside the lines a bit, but our commitment is to never abandon our primary mission, to present the Person and the Promise of the Lord Jesus Christ through music and drama…

We hope you will be excited about these new offerings. We’re adding a little more comedy, and perhaps a few more of the plays will be punctuated with music. It is with great joy, and the belief that this is what the Lord would have us do, that we’re excited to reveal the schedule for the 2020 season.

We hope you will renew your Family Circle membership, and we will be looking forward to seeing you walk through the doors at Ragtown soon.


February 29th – April 25th

It was 1959 when Sweet Sixteen hit the charts. Every sixteen-year-old girl in America instantly fell head-over-heels in love with handsome young Cobb Cochran. Now over 60 years later, when he suddenly shows up single and available at Little Willows Retirement Home, the one hit wonder is still strumming those heartstrings.

This new comedy is the spring production at Ragtown Gospel Theater, opening February 29th with Glenn Polk as Cobb Cochran. If you were a fan of Saint John & the Televangelist, you’re going to love this light-hearted story that brings the magic of Bill Woodard and Glenn Polk back together on the Ragtown stage. This quirky collection of Little Willows residents will make Sweet Sixteen one of our most memorable productions yet.

As always in Ragtown productions, there is a touching thread of the gospel woven throughout this funny and uplifting story. Gather family and friends and make plans now to attend this spring, when Ragtown Gospel Theater in Post stages the premier production of Sweet Sixteen!



July 4th – August 29th

Over the years, so many people have asked about the name of the theater. Well, this is the story. Originally, we were planning to build an amphitheater side-by-side with the gospel theater. The outdoor show to be staged every summer was this musical. Finances, time, manpower, and a long list of obstacles have prevented us from building the amphitheater, so we finally made the decision to adapt the play to be staged indoors and make it our summer production on the Ragtown Gospel Theater stage…and it’s going to be wonderful!

Millionaire cereal inventor C.W. Post set out to build a utopian city on the gateway between the rugged, sprawling ranchlands below the Caprock, and the fertile, flat South Plains of Texas. He purchased over a quarter million acres, divided it into quarter-section farms, and laid out his city. He built houses, stores, and a mill, and coerced the railroad into routing its tracks right through Post City. He planned every detail.

He was a powerful man who could control many things…except the indomitable spirit of the people who responded to his advertising, uprooting their lives and coming from every corner of the country to come and settle in West Texas.

This is a multi-faceted story, filled with rollicking music and humor. It is based on the true story of the founding of Post City, Texas…but more importantly, at its core it is a message of faith and forgiveness that will warm your heart.

Say Nicklaus!

November 7th – December 19th

A Christmas story that will make you want to believe. Say Nicklaus celebrates our most cherished traditions of Christmas, and in particular, the tradition of giving gifts as a way of expressing the love of Christ to the special people in our lives.

Nicklaus and Meena Elliffe are house parents at State Home for Children No. 13, but they are much more than that. The Elliffe household shares the joyful endeavor of making toys for all the other children who live in children’s home cottages in their valley. The toys they make are distributed every year on Christmas Eve.

When an ambitious new headmaster of the children’s home forbids the gifts to be given out, it begins an unforeseen and unfortunate chain of events. The final calamity results in an opportunity for the Elliffes, and the children living in their cottage, to learn that all things can indeed work together for good.

You will see the Gospel clearly woven throughout the story of Say Nicklaus!

Your Family Circle Membership gives you TWO SEATS for all three productions, and you may attend as many times as you like, for no additional charge. Many Family Circle members attend our shows multiple times, sharing the Ragtown experience with new guests each time they attend.

Because your adult guests are friends of the family, they get a 25% discount on their tickets, paying only $16.50 per ticket, because they’re with you.

Sign up today and we’ll get your 2020 Family Circle packet in the mail right away. We also have some surprises that will be offered exclusively to members of the Family Circle this year. If you have questions, just give Robin a call at 1-877-724-8696.