It is late in the afternoon of the day Jesus was resurrected. He has appeared to Mary Magdalene at the tomb early in the morning, and told her to inform the apostles that he had arisen and is alive, but He has yet to appear among them. Instead, Jesus now waits at a desolate ruin along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. He will present himself to two very special people. One is identified in Scripture as Clopas, a disciple and the brother of Joseph. The identity of the other has been a mystery throughout the ages. This story presents one undeniable possibility.

Purposely altering His appearance, Jesus presents himself as a man in his sixties. This is the resurrected Jesus in unfettered, joyful reunion with the Father and the Spirit. There is nothing left to overcome. Their work is done. Jesus has reconciled man to God. Sin is no longer a barrier. Everything about the relationship between God and man has been changed by the life, sacrifice, and resurrection of Jesus. Belief in him as Savior is now and forever the single bridge from death to life.

The work of the Holy Spirit is about to begin. Jesus is joyfully anticipating these upcoming 40 days, when at last, rather than speaking in parables and metaphor, He will speak plainly about who he is, and what has happened.