Daughters of God


The setting is Capernaum 50 A.D., 17 years years after the death and resurrection of Jesus. The church is spreading from Judea and Galilee into Turkey and beyond. The 10 remaining apostles have spread the Gospel throughout Israel, and have avoided the snares of Herod Agrippa. They are all about to go into Asia, Africa, and beyond. Only James, brother of Jesus, Peter, and John will remain in Israel.

Herod Agrippa has begun to actively seek out the Christian leaders, and that has been a catalyst for the dispersal of the apostles. They are moving to places of relative safety as they prepare t0 disperse. Capernaum, on the shore of the Sea of Gallilee presents relative safety among friends and family members, and escape via the sea, should Agrippa’s soldiers approach.

These are the women who followed, heard, and believed the teachings of Jesus, and subsequently received the Holy Spirit along with the apostles. Some are wives of apostles, and most have embraced their new-found equality with the men under this new order, and then some.