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On Coming To the End… of Peter the Rock, Medicare Ineligibility, A Benefit for Firefighters, A Special Concert Guest, and A Free Book!

By April 26, 2018 No Comments

Wow! This one is packed full of news, so I’ll get right to it.

The end always comes before we’re ready. This weekend Glenn will do his last two performances of Peter the Rock. He has been just amazing throughout. If you’ve never seen his portrayal of Peter live, you really need to grab someone to share the experience with, and come on down. We have shows both Saturday and Sunday this final week, and the Sunday performance will be particularly special. Not only because it will be the final curtain on this play we all love so much, but because we will be donating the ticket sales for that show to the Post Volunteer Fire Department, which saved the theater on March 18th.

Of course, there is no doubt that the Lord was right in the thick of it too, with some pretty miraculous air and ground support! But it was our local all-volunteer firefighters who were the first responders to the call, and they demonstrated great professionalism in their strategy and execution of tactics to contain the fire and save this special place.

We wanted to honor and thank them for their service. We hope to have a great turnout.

It’s also going to be special, because my daughter Jency Anciso will be joining me for a few songs during my concert. It’s always the greatest day for me when one of my kids comes to join me on the stage at Ragtown. It’s sort of an early birthday gift for me.

I’ve been lamenting all year about the end of no longer being Medicare eligible on May 1st. It’s taken me awhile to decide how to handle it. Now I have. I’ve decided, instead of slowing down, I’m going to double down!

I’ve been a writer for virtually all of my adult life. An advertising copywriter for radio and television spots, newspaper ads, brochures, and whatnot, before I realized my calling to write gospel songs and plays. But like most writers, I have always wanted to write a novel. So to celebrate my 65th birthday,  I’m releasing my first…a full length novel. And because you know me, and have been so amazingly supportive of Ragtown Gospel Theater and the plays, which I have been privileged to write over the past twenty years, I would love for you to have this book as a free gift.

The Undeniable Possibility

Can Love and Life Transcend the Grave?

Annie Crew is a feisty, creative dynamo. She has a vibrant marriage and artistic partnership with her husband, producing porcelain figurines coveted by collectors. She has a daughter and grandchildren she adores. Her world is all she ever dreamed it might be, when in an instant, Annie’s idyllic life is over.    

Or is it?

Her sudden death reveals a buried web of deception that begins to unravel her family, their business, and her daughter’s marriage. Is there a way for Annie to reach back through the veil to help rescue everyone she loves?

That is The Undeniable Possibility.

It is a poignant love story, a sinister secret, and a spiritual journey spanning generations. But above all else, The Undeniable Possibility is a gentle and enduring assurance that love and life can transcend the grave.

Read and experience The Undeniable Possibility now. Someone you love is waiting.

Here’s the link to get the book: http://chippolk.com.  It’s the ebook version that we’re offering free, and it’s only going to be available free for a few days, so be sure you go ahead and download it right away. On May 1st it goes up on Amazon Books, and we’ll have to close the link.

I hope you enjoy it! And I hope to see you this weekend!

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