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Love Viewed From The Mountaintop

By March 16, 2018 6 Comments

Robin and I sneaked away for a four-day vacation in New Mexico the first part of this week. It’s a place that’s been part of our family’s life for over 35 years. Our kids grew up “going to the cabin” every chance we could. It is a place that feeds our souls. A sanctuary, where all the mental clutter seems to fall away, and today’s relentless invasion of information is held at bay.

I’ve written before about Robin’s dad, Don Salter. He was a colorful and remarkable man. He designed, and then built the cabin singlehandedly. Oh, we all pitched in here and there, but not enough to claim any credit. He did it all. It was an amazing gift of love to his family.

It left a big hole in our lives and hearts when Don went to wait and watch from the heaven side of the veil. His cabin is such a portrait of him. More than that. We’ve always hated to leave, because we love it so, but now it hurts when we drive away, because it feels so much like we’ve been with him when we’re there.

It was just the two of us this time, instead of our growing noisy clan. So instead of games and happy chaos, it was quiet walks, one little jaunt over to Red River, and lots of reading.

I started reading a fascinating book called The Forgotten Way, that has made me really examine the way I think about love.

I am blessed with lots of love in my life. Being surrounded by people you love, whom you know love you, is blessing beyond reckoning. My heart aches for people who don’t have that, and what this book has made me think about, is the reality that we have opportunities every day to be a conduit of Jesus’ love to people all around us.

That sounds simplistic, I know, but if you step back just a bit and think about it…

We Christians proclaim to the world that God the Holy Spirit indwells us. And we know that God is love. So maybe a way to think about being filled with the Holy Spirit, is to realize that we who are in Christ are filled with love.

Maybe all that is needed for that love to flow out to everyone around us…is to be willing. I’ve been inspired to try to do that more often. To be willing to love.

I haven’t finished reading the book, so I don’t yet know if I want to recommend it, but it did remind me of this, and I’ve been kind of delightedly chewing on it ever since. You know those four verses of the thirteenth chapter of 1st Corinthians that we hear recited at every wedding…the ones where God tells us how to love? It’s worth looking it up and reading from a different perspective.

Because those verses also describe exactly how God loves us.

Jesus made it so easy for us in so many ways. Moses recorded over 600 laws in addition to the Ten Commandments.  Jesus fulfilled the whole Law completely and left the world with just this one, recorded in 1 John 3:23: This is His commandment, that we believe in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another

And He even provides the love.

You can come and soak up some this Saturday at Ragtown. My brother Glenn as Peter the Rock…goodness!

Blessed Assurance! Jesus Is Mine!

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  • Sydna Hamilton says:

    Very good word, Chip. It’s something the Lord has been saying to me as well. I was in the hospital about a year ago, and I woke up one morning with this thought from the Lord on my mind, “It’s time to learn to live loved”. I’ve been pressing into the Lord to learn to do that this year. Our love for others flows out of knowing we’re loved by Him. Thank you for sharing and blessings on all of you this afternoon. I wish we could be there! Love you all! Joe and Sydna

    • Juanita Arreguin says:

      What a blessing this was. Thanks for sharing. I am so thankful I have Father God who is teaching me who and how to love.

  • Thanks for this Chip… I’d love to come, but don’t drive except the cow trails around Sweetwater. Your note is inspiring to me so much that it goes into my archives. When I returned to the farm in 1991, I restored and furnished as nearly as I could like Mama had it. So I’m thoroughly enjoying my golden years in the 1942 Rock House–1250 sq ft. My dad and his cousin dug the canyon rim-rock up to build house, bunkhouse and chicken house… moving in when I was 9. Mama designed it and built all the cabinets. (It was reportedly the very first Farm Home Administration loan!) I gathered loose nails for the war effort… (laugh) I think it was about a pound. Thanks for all you do… I’m always sending your emails to friends… one of these days maybe I can get ’em to bring me to Ragtown again! Blessings and Shalom, Bettye Martin-McRae NOTE: Website is out of date… all books are self published; currently out of print… must be ordered directly through me until I can get it up and running…

  • Roy Dixon says:

    Chip, beautiful images are in my mind from your description of the cabin and all the love that surrounds it! Your father-in-law Don was from that great generation that knew how to get things done and love us at the same time, just like my folks. Thanks for the memories!

  • BeeGee Johnston says:

    I love the generation I am a part of, because we cherish the rural areas and humble beginnings of our forefathers. I love young people but I see a slippery slope as far as treasuring the past.
    My prayers are for a return to the God of our forefathers and a respect and love for each other and our similar histories.
    No matter what background people are from, they can stop and remember those who struggled so that they have the freedom to work, worship and pursue Gods plan for them.

  • Dennis Hargrove says:

    Good words. If the world could learn to love one another just a little bit more, maybe we would realize that we have so much more in common than we are different and not be so oppositional all the time.

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