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Life Is Such a Brief Affair

By June 1, 2018 No Comments

I am amazed by the way time just hurtles by. I suppose everyone who has been around awhile has made the same observation. Fifteen minutes ago we were young parents. Now boom! We’re grandparents five times over and I’m trying to choose a Medicare supplement policy.

When you’re old enough to have the perspective to recognize just what a brief affair this life truly is, it’s easy to think that our earthly existence, cradle to grave, may well be not unlike life in the womb. Everything experienced here is just a continuation of the miraculous changes that begin with conception. We are merely in the formative stages of what we will be when we show up on the other side. We abandoned the womb when that stage was completed and we emerged into the world. At the proper moment, when we’ve experienced all that is necessary for us, we will abandon this body, and emerge into heaven. Because this isn’t the whole thing. Not even close. This is just the road to where we’re going.

Occasionally we see, read, or hear something that helps. It encourages us along the way. That is what I hope and believe Ragtown is for. As I’s working on a play, then we’re all working together building the set, and Glenn is working with the cast to craft what you will see on the stage, that is what fuels everything. The Lord is continually encouraging us with the hope that each production will touch lives in a way that makes a difference. Reminding us of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of times that we have been told what an impact a play had on someone.

We work on the set during the day, and when the cast arrives to rehearse in the evenings, there are those conversations about particular parts of the script that have struck them, and their hope that it can be effectively conveyed. We are blessed to have so many people who are completely committed to bringing those words to life on the stage. It is more than a role in a play to them, and I believe that is what makes our productions more than mere entertainment.

We are also blessed to have you in this with us. You purchasing tickets and attending is what makes all of this possible. That and some very faithful financial supporters. Tickets sales cover about half the expenses of operating the theater. The other half is covered by monthly donations ranging from $10 up. Many from people who cannot attend, but believe in the ministry. We are certainly grateful for those. We hear all the time about the way the Lord has used Ragtown to touch lives, and you are part of that ministry right alongside us.

Glenn is recovering well from his recent back surgery, and has begun working with the cast in rehearsals. He has assembled a wonderful group to bring The Psalmist to life. I think you’re going to love it. The set is going to be stunning. And on the concert side, I have a few surprises for you this time around.

The Psalmist opens June 23rd. I hope you’ll start gathering friends to come along. It really is going to be something special. Again, we are so grateful for you…your attendance, your donations, and your prayers.

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