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Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

By May 23, 2017 No Comments

Goodness, what a time! The Booth Brothers were just so great last Friday evening. We counted up, and it had been six years since they had been to Ragtown. This was the first time I had seen them perform with Paul Lancaster, who replaced Jim Brady, who left to begin his own trio after twelve years with the Booths. We met Paul when he came to Ragtown with the Palmetto State Quartet, and when the announcement came out that he was Brady’s replacement, we were delighted. He is just an extraordinary singer, and such an open and approachable brother.

They lost a great talent when Jim Brady left, but the Booth Brothers never missed a beat. Ronnie told me that Paul had been Jim’s recommendation for his replacement. Isn’t that the way such changes should always work among Christian artists? Sadly, it isn’t always such a joyful win-win.

It was a terrific concert. How could it not be, when these guys are some of the most celebrated, award-winning gospel singers of all time? We only wish that it had been sold out. Talents like that deserve to have a full house. I had the honor of opening for the guys with a few songs. Then after the concert, I had one of the most gratifying moments of ever, when Michael Booth asked me for recordings and lyrics of some of the songs I’ve written!

           Ronnie Booth, Chip, Michael Booth, and Paul Lancaster


We’ll see what happens, but I have been having some long talks with the Lord about it, I’ll tell you. If you think about mentioning it too, that would be nice.  Nothing would make me happier than for the Booth Brothers to make one of my songs, one of theirs.

After the Booth Brothers concert, we tore right back into building the set and rehearsals for Elizabeth & Mary.

If the reaction I’ve seen from Glenn and the rest of the cast for this play is any indication, this one is going to keep you laughing. They are having a great time with the antics of Zacharias, who has lost his ability to speak, as he attempts to communicate with Elizabeth, Mary, and her busybody companion, Philippa.

I’m proud of this play, and I hope it will be a bright spot in your summer. We open on June 24th, and it will run all summer long. Choose a date today!

In Dependence!


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