Family Circle Registration is now open!

Family Circle Membership is essentially a season ticket to the Ragtown productions. Each year we have three productions, and as a Family Circle Member, you are entitled to two seats at every performance. But there is a difference in our season tickets and those of other entertainment venues. You may attend our productions as many times as you like. Many of our Family Circle Members attend each production multiple times, typically bringing different guests every time they come.

In addition, adult guests of Family Circle Members receive a 25% discount. The regular ticket price of $22 is reduced to $16.50, because they are attending with you. Student tickets are always $10.

This year, with your help, we’re doing something new. At various times throughout the year we recognize the veterans in our audience. But it has just never seemed sufficient… particularly considering that we live in an age when liberty is not a thing we can take for granted.

From now on, in honor of their service, every veteran of any United States Military branch, and anyone presently serving, will be offered free admission to our productions. We will be acknowledging our Family Circle Membership for your important part in making this possible.

If you are a Family Circle Member and a veteran, then you are entitled to bring a free guest to any production you attend.

We hope you join the Ragtown Family Circle, and encourage friends and family to join as well. The best way to experience Ragtown Gospel Theater is when you’re surrounded by people you love.

The cost of your Family Circle Membership is $120 $99 for the month of December only! Again, here’s what you receive:

  • 2 tickets to all Ragtown productions as many times as you wish to attend.
  • Any veterans that you bring will always be your free guests.
  • The (non-veteran) adult guests you bring get a 25% discount off on their tickets
  • And we’ll be offering some surprise free bonuses exclusively to our Family Circle Members throughout the year.

In addition to helping Ragtown Gospel Theater continue to present wholesome Christian, Bible-based productions that you know are far more than mere entertainment, your annual membership will be helping underwrite an ongoing tribute to our military at a time when they most deserve our gratitude.

Signing up is easy and totally secure! Just click below, fill out your details, and we’ll process your transaction automatically.