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Film Legend Dina Merrill Visits Ragtown Gospel Theater

By June 4, 2007 No Comments

The Post City Centennial Celebration is over, and Ragtown Gospel Theater had three wonderful audiences for performances Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have several special happenings to share.

 The most important is the continued overwhelming response to both the Gospel Music show and Peter the Rock.  Every audience seems filled with people who are so generous with their enthusiastic encouragement.   We had a group from First Presbyterian Church in Midland,  Live Oak Community Church in Lubbock, Indiana Avenue Baptist in Lubbock, and a reunion of World War II veterans from the 55th Fighter-Bomber Squadron honored us by attending.  So many folks who were in Post for the Centennial chose to make Ragtown Gospel Theater part of their homecoming  experience, and for that we are very grateful.

A very special visitor could not make it in time for the performance, but we were so honored and delighted to have the opportunity to meet her and give her a tour of the theater at the conclusion of the matinee on Sunday.  The actress Dina Merrill, who is the granddaughter of Post City founder and cereal magnate C.W. Post, was kind enough to take time to pay us a visit.  She and her husband, Ted Hartley, also a film actor and television star, were extremely gracious, and appeared to be genuinely taken with the design of our unique theater.  The Hartleys own RKO Pavilion, a film and entertainment development company. 

 Two more surprises occurred during the weekend performances.  If you have attended Ragtown Gospel Theater, you know that we are selling prints of a drawing entitled “Dad’s Hands” to raise money for a grand piano for the stage.  One person asked for two prints, which sell for $20 each, and gave us a check for $1,000.  That doubled what we had accumulated in the piano fund!

This morning I had a call from a man who wants to pay the remainder!  He asked to remain anonymous, but to tell people he was a “friend of T.C.’s” which was our father.  We will soon have a grand piano on the Ragtown Gospel Stage, thanks to these generous people, and everyone else who honored us and our Dad’s memory by purchasing “Dad’s Hands” prints.  I do not have the words to express how deeply touched we all are.

Tell your friends, “Let’s go to Post” this weekend.  A wonderful trio of women from Abilene will be joining me on stage, performing Friday and Saturday night at 8 o’clock, .  Their group, “Chord of 3” has a unique sound, and we are excited about having them here.  

Glenn continues to amaze me as Peter the Rock.  We had a huge thunderstorm during Saturday’s presentation, but he was unfazed by the noise of the hail and thunder, and delivered another powerful performance.  We spoke today and realized that we are halfway through the production.  Time flies…don’t miss seeing this!

Bless Y’all,