Ragtown’s Response to COVID-19

At Ragtown Gospel Theater we have a great love and respect for our audience, as well as those who volunteer and perform with us, and are taking common sense precautions. We are so thankful to be able to continue with our mission, presenting the Gospel through music and drama during this time when people so need an encouraging message of faith, hope, and love. We also have confidence that everyone who chooses to come to the theater is an adult, or accompanied by an adult, who can wisely make their own choices to protect themselves and their loved ones.

We’re encouraging anyone who feels more secure wearing a mask to do that. Even before the Covid threat, we never have any idea what levels of compromised health those who attend may be experiencing, and applaud the courage of those who choose to live their lives as normally as possible in spite of those challenges.

There is no judgement of anyone who chooses either to wear, or not wear a mask to our performances. Our volunteers are afforded that same measure of respect.

We want the experience of coming to Ragtown to be as close to what you’ve always enjoyed as possible. So we’re not inclined to post a lot of signs and barriers, but instead have great confidence in the common sense and good intentions of everyone who attends, to avoid engaging in extended conversations in close proximity, and give one another space in the concession line, at the product tables, boarding the shuttles and so forth.

These are the basic steps we are taking:

  • Screening volunteers by checking and documenting their temperature as they arrive at the theater.
  • Encouraging drivers to offload passengers at the door, then drivers are returned to the theater in shuttles.
  • Disinfecting of shuttles, restrooms, and all areas of personal contact prior to each performance.
  • Designating seating, which allows us to separate guests, by an appropriate distance side to side, and front to back.
  • Seating groups who come together without breaks between. All others are separated by two seats.
  • Gladly moving anyone who feels uncomfortable with the proximity of other guests where they are seated.
  • Providing hand sanitizer at many locations around the theater.

We hope everyone feels secure, and will enjoy their time with us at the theater. Our confidence in these measures is eclipsed by our confidence that God has appointed us to do this work, and our trust is in Him to protect and preserve all of us who, called according to His purpose, are gathered in His name.

Call us at 1-877-RAGTOWN if you have questions or concerns.