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Changes At Ragtown Gospel Theater

By January 29, 2016 No Comments

I just got a new computer, not because the old one was broken, but because it couldn’t keep up with change. It was doing everything it was supposed to do, but it just didn’t have enough memory anymore. It couldn’t run fast enough. Or think fast enough. It would go somewhere, and you could see the wheel turning, but it couldn’t remember what it was supposed to do when it got there.

Well, having written that, it feels like I should put it in a rocking chair on the front porch…beside mine…and sit and whittle with it. We have a lot in common.

I’m not great at change either, but I am excited about this one. We are expanding the number of weekends that we will be open, going from 9 to 13 weekends for our spring and summer shows. With the road to Ragtown paved at last, we needed to have more weekends available to tour operators that now want to include Ragtown Gospel Theater in their travel itineraries.

We’re also going to all Saturday performances! Come down and soak up the historic charm of downtown Post City, designed and built by cereal king, C.W. Post. People have been coming to his utopian city from far and wide ever since the eccentric dreamer founded it. Plan a Saturday in Post. That morning, strolling through the shops downtown, you’ll be reminded of Fredricksburg. It has that same quaint charm. Then that afternoon, when you make your way out to Ragtown, it’s Branson that will come to mind.

A great new production, “The Carpenter’s Son” begins Saturday, February 13th. All shows begin at 3:00 with a concert by the Ragtown Gospel Band. If you love Gaither, you’re going to love the Gospel Band. Enjoy a wonderful wholesome atmosphere of genuine hospitality, a beautiful production of a spiritually uplifting story, and great gospel music. What’s not to love?

And the best part is…it’s right in your own back yard.