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Beginning Our 12th Year

By January 8, 2018 4 Comments

In my life, a lot of significant things have occurred around the numbers 12 and 21. Now, I’ve seen people get carried away and try to come up with some kind of voodoo theology around such things. While I certainly don’t discount the fact that the Bible has a lot to say about the significance of numbers, in this case, it’s just a curiosity. Kind of a weird thing that’s happened often enough to take note of, and maybe scratch one’s head about.

Okay, some examples…I met my wife, Robin, on December 12th. We got married on April 12th..in ’75. And, yes, 7 plus 5 equals 12. We were both 21. Our son, Jordan was born on the 21st of July…five years later.  Our daughter, Jency, wasn’t born on the 12th or 21st, but she was born in  born in ’84. And the house number of our first home was 903…add ’em up. When we moved to our current home, I initially thought we were breaking the chain. The house number is 23. But then we got the survey, and it actually sits on lot #21.

I know this is all only mildly fascinating, but trust me, I could go on and on. I’m not superstitious. Well… not about anything other than 12s and 21s…but I can’t help but be optimistic when either of those numbers come up in the equation.

So, I really wanted us to do something special to ring in this 12th year of productions at Ragtown Gospel Theater, which, incidentally, will culminate in 2+0+1+9. Kind of gives you chills, doesn’t it? Glenn and I had talked several times about bringing Peter the Rock back to the Ragtown stage. It was our first production in 2007, and the one Glenn says is his favorite role. He says he has always felt a special kinship with the that big fisherman. So we decided to make it the first production of of our 12th year.

I have said many times that Glenn does a wonderful job in all the roles he plays…but he is Peter.  And I’m not joking when I say that. I can’t remember now what year I wrote Peter the Rock. (But I’m guessing it was 2001) What I do remember, is studying all the passages about Peter, and realizing that I knew this guy. I grew up with him.

Like Simon Peter, Glenn has always been at the center of a bunch of guys. He and his friends in high school called themselves the Magnificent Seven. He’s always gathered friends around him. He is a man of passionate loyalty and contagious enthusiasm. Not a skeptic, but always eager to believe. And he’s always been set on go. Had he been there, Glenn would have stepped right out of that boat.

I know he would do that for Jesus, because he did that for me. When I talked to Glenn about the vision of  a theater where the person, personality, and promise of Jesus would be conveyed through music and drama, and that we should build it 40 miles from the closest city of any size (something many bankers pointed out) Glenn didn’t hesitate. He stepped out of the boat.

We have been up to our necks many times, but neither of us doubts that it was Jesus calling us. He still is.

Above is a photo of Glenn standing at the spot where Jesus, after his resurrection, beckoned to the apostles from the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Peter, without hesitation, leapt out of the boat and swam about one hundred yards to this spot where Glenn is standing. Jesus was there, cooking breakfast for the apostles.

And it was there that Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love me?”

We begin this special year with this very special production. Glenn Polk, in what I believe is his definitive role as an actor.  His powerful one-man portrayal of Peter is an experience that should not be missed. It is an absolutely riveting hour, because through Peter’s eyes, you will see Jesus.  You will. And I promise you will never forget it.

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  • Lea Johnson says:

    Allen and I have loved your ministry and pray that it continues for both of you and your families. You have touched so many lives and I know this must please God. Thank you for all you do for others and may God Bless you. Post, Texas should be honored to have you so close to their city and how much you help the businesses there. We are so proud to know you and your families and call you friends.
    Blessed to be His. Allen & Lea Johnson. P.S. this production will be greater than before.

    • chip says:

      Thanks so much, Lea! We’re all just blessed to get to be part of what the Lord does out here, and to get to know and love so many wonderful brothers and sisters like you and Allen.
      Standing On The Promises!

  • Eva. Smith says:

    Glenn I filling so Blessed to call you Friend. I have been SO Blessed with all of your plays. You an Chip are just the best and to have such Sweet wives is just a Blessing.

  • michael and barbara porter says:

    love Ragtown, love the plays, wish i was retired so i could move up there and volunteer at the theater. you guys are awesome!

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