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An Unborn Child of God No More

By August 4, 2015 No Comments

We know that the Lord does special things at Ragtown, most of which we never hear about. But we talked to a pastor’s wife today who told us a wonderful story that I want to share. She and her husband are dear friends of ours, and last Friday night they came to the theater. Their church had come as a group the previous weekend, but the pastor, who has for months been suffering serious back pain, did not feel up to making the trip. Traveling in a car aggravates his condition terribly. However, after hearing the things his wife and the others who attended had to say, he decided he had to make the trip, if only to hear this song his wife was talking about…”The Unborn Children of God.” Yeah, that made me feel pretty good.

Robin found them two available seats beside a truly delightful couple whom we have known for many years. She thought it would be great if they got acquainted. Little did she know that it was to be a meeting that would have eternal consequences.

The couples had friendly visits prior to the concert and at intermission. It turned out that the man had heard that his brother had been admitted to a hospital in the city where the pastor lives. There was some apparent estrangement between the brothers, because he had no knowledge of the nature of his brother’s illness, nor which hospital he was in, but he was deeply concerned. His brother, now in his late seventies, and with health issues, had yet to come to faith in Christ.

This tells you something about my friend, this authentic and dear man of God. They stayed overnight in Post, but as soon as they returned home the next day, without even sitting down, although the long trip had caused him considerable pain, he searched out and found the man’s brother in one of the hospitals in the city. They talked at length.

My friend went back again the next day, and that unborn child of God, was born into Life in Christ!

We believe that the Lord is always with us at Ragtown, because we are gathered in His name, but He sure did something special there last Friday night, placing just the right people in just the right place to put a plan in motion to bring a lost child home. Whew! That’s something, huh?

We sure would love for you to join us this weekend for one of our best productions yet…”Sinai, The Mountain of God.” And I have to say that I’m also pretty excited about the Ragtown Gospel concert you’ll hear too. You gotta hear that song.