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Who Are You?

By March 30, 2016 15 Comments

A Question To Ask Every Hour of Every Day for the Rest of Your Life

I recently sold my dear old ’53 Five-Window Chevy Pick-up. I never had a chance to drive it anymore, and because I am the same year model, I knew that just sitting there was taking a toll on its well-being. But yeah, it was hard to see it go.

When I was collecting the keys to give to the new owners, I discovered that I had several duplicates, or at first they appeared to be. Holding them up and comparing each one to the original, only one turned out to be exact. The difference was so subtle, but it was enough to start the engine.

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing. Sometimes just a word or two can change your perspective just enough that a whole new facet of your relationship with the Lord comes into focus. At least, that has been my experience time and again.

I love BibleGateway.com. I use it constantly in my research for plays and songs. For example, if you do a keyword search of the exact phrase “in Christ” you will get 90 passages, many of which will just knock your socks off, if you really think about what the Lord is telling you.

Well, I was chewing on some of those assurances, and this question popped into my head: “Who am I to Jesus?”

A lot of wonderful answers are in that long list of Scriptures: Alive, loved, a new creation, free, forgiven, justified, sanctified…but the question came again.

“But who am I…to Jesus?

Then I found myself thinking about who I am to the most important people in my life. Who am I to Robin? Who am I to our kids?

Answering that, I realized that who I am to them…who they trust me to be… defines me. It humbles me, it inspires me, and it motivates me to be nothing less. I see their faces as I think about each of them, and it fills my heart with thankfulness to be so richly blessed.

So again…who am I to Jesus?

I want to ask that question every hour of every day for the rest of my life, because the answer I get in my mind’s eye is not words…it’s the Lord’s face breaking into a smile.

In Dependence!

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  • John watkins says:

    You and everyone is everything. He gave all for us, which no human could do to bring us home to him who believe.

  • This is very timely…I have stumbled into a place, emotionally and spiritually, from which I seem to have no motivation to extract myself. It is a comfortable place..with no demands. I was not seeking it, not that I’m aware of anyway, but here I am. Your question comes on the heels of my realization today that I have not sought any time with my Messiah in a number of weeks. Your question posed today has caused me to look at His “Face”…..How is it that that” face” could be so easily replaced by a feeling?
    Seeking Him while there is yet time..today. Thank you, Chip.

  • Thank you, Chip! Indeed, this is a good reminder! And we (my friends who drive me virtually everywhere) keep hoping to make it over there to see “The Carpenter’s Son ” Maybe we can try again this week!

    Blessings and Shalom, Bettye Martin-McRae

    Bettye Martin-McRae –Sweetwater

  • Dana Williams says:

    Thanks for the thoughts. I love talking to anyone about Jesus and God. I am JoAnn Mock’s daughter and the same age as you. I remember your pickup and loved it. I have loved your plays over the years. My brother Mark Martin also does many plays in Lubbock.

  • Darlene Lewis says:

    This has been very timely of who I am to Jesus as I have just come through losing my husband and seven weeks later my only son I was devastated to say the least but I will tell you that I was important enough to Jesus that He came and stood beside me held my hand and I am so excited that you were getting the message out to others so they too will know they are important to Jesus

    • Chip says:

      Darlene, I am so sorry for your losses. You will often hear people say, “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” That is a terrible misquote of a Scripture…but this way it is true. God doesn’t,…but the world certainly does. Your testimony is inspiring proof. When the world gives us more than we can handle, the Lord is right there to see us through. Still, my heart aches for you in this time of personal tribulation.

  • Vicki Scott says:

    So true about something small and then suddenly my relationship with our Lord has strengthened. My latest was, “let go”….God has this. It’s so hard sometimes when your only child is involved, but God reminded me that my son belongs to Him too.

    Excited to come see ‘The Carpenter’s Son’ April 16th. Keep Ragtown Alive!

  • Jim Shank says:

    Thank you, Chip. I too love Biblegateway.com an use it daily. Often inspiration like you share comes from reading. I often find answers to my personal challenges at the site. Again thank you for sharing.

  • Debbie says:

    I am His…He told me so in scripture, in prayer, and in pondering your inspiring words, Chip. You are His too, and so is every living creature His to him who believes. He only waits for each of us to answer His call. He then calls us “His.”

  • Deanna says:

    Your answer may me smile because that’s what I see when I ask that question. I am God’s child and I am loved!

  • Jean Appling says:

    Chip, I love your inspirational words. So uplifting for me since I just lost Joe in January followed by a brother in March. God is so good to make his presence known as we go through the hard times and the good. Keep the comments coming. Watching for them> Looking forward to seeing the Carpenters Son 23rd. Appreciate you and all that you continue to do at the Theatre, telling of God:s wonderful love and saving Grace.

  • Tommie says:

    Thank you, Chip, for that beautiful essay. Who am I to Jesus – I am his child and I am much loved, even though I disappoint Him, He never disappoints me. When I am unfaithful, He is still faithful. When I am troubled, He reminds me that He has my life in His hands. I could go on and on about this relationship with Him. And today, in the midst of an uncertain future, I needed to be reminded again of His love.

  • Ganeen White says:

    Chip, your heart for God and your gift of language will allow so many to experience “more Jesus” than you will ever know. Isn’t it just beautiful how God works in all His children to help others focus on and seek HIM! I loved “The Carpenter’s Son” as once again I had a tangible look and this Lord of ours. Ragtown & you 4 Polk’s have given us all a spiritual gift from God that so many would never have known. Your family’s dedication to His call on your lives is such a monumental testament to how “letting go and letting God” impacts your splash with ripples of God’s love going on and on and on. Thank you all for doing and being that wonderful model for obedience and trust that should prevail in all of us.

    • Chip says:

      Oh goodness, Ganeen…thank you so much for your encouragement. But I can assure you, everything special about Ragtown is pure Jesus. If get my hands on it, I’m always going to leave smudges. The Lord is doing something so rare, and so far beyond any of us who are engaged in the work. I only wish thousands more could experience those sweet two hours of respite and genuine fellowship.

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