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Ragtown Is More Than A Theater. It’s An Oasis

By April 10, 2014 No Comments

Oasis…that is a great description of Ragtown. That’s really what it feels like, isn’t it? An Oasis for people who have been crossing all kinds of deserts…physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…then here is this place where you lay your burden down, and for a couple of hours drink in refreshing living water.

Our wonderful production of “Gethsemane” ends this weekend, and while this particular play has been far more somber than recent shows like “Saint John & The Televangelist” and “Say Nicklaus,” I have been so encouraged by the comments people have had for us as they exit the theater. We have heard the words, “thank you” thousands of times.

I never know what to say to that, because every one of us know it is such a privilege that the Lord has given us this work to share. It delights and humbles us that people choose to invest the time money to drive to Post to attend the Ragtown productions when there are so many other things calling for their attention.

We who work at Ragtown get the very same feeling of sanctuary that everyone else receives. The reassurance in the message of the songs and the plays is no less powerful to we who are the ones singing or speaking, because the power of that message is in the truth of the Gospel resonating in our hearts.

It is God we thank for that.

Anytime, anywhere the pure and true Gospel is being preached, whether that is in a sermon, a song, or in a play, that sense of sabbath rest, peace, reassurance, and encouragement will invariably be the result among children of God. Because Truth resonates with the Spirit. That resonating certainty permeates tradition, denomination, opinion, and every other barrier that Opposition…the world the flesh, and the devil…uses to keep us from being united with each other in Christ.

We don’t have the luxury of being so easily divided in an age when worldwide persecution of Christians…something unthinkable within our recent memory…appears to be gathering on the horizon.

We then need to gather in places where we can reassure and encourage one another in the only thing that will not change in a world of blinding change. That is the faithfulness of Jesus Christ and Him alone, to be who He said He was, and to have accomplished all that He said was finished.

Come spend a couple of hours with us in the oasis.

In Dependence,