Elizabeth & Mary – Joyful Expectations
Directed by Glenn Polk
Written by Chip Polk

Saturday, June 24th – Sunday, August 27th
No shows July 1st

Chip Polk opens in concert for each performance of Elizabeth & Mary. All shows begin at 3:00 pm.

Elizabeth & Mary – Joyful Expectations

What happens when an elderly man named Zacharias is told that his wife, who is almost seventy years old, is going to give birth to their first baby? Like most men would, he finds it find it a little hard to believe. Unfortunately, Gabriel the Archangel who gives him this message from God, does not find it amusing that Zacharias scoffs at the news, and seals his lips until he can see his newborn son with his own eyes.
In the meantime, Mary, a young relative of Elizabeth, Zacharias’ wife, appears on their doorstep with the news that she is to give birth to the Son of God.
These two miraculously blessed women encourage one another as they await the birth of their sons, Jesus and John the Baptist. Zacharias, a Levite priest, and a man accustomed to ruling his household, doesn’t have a word to say about all that is going on…as hard as he may try.
This funny, heart-warming story is based on true events related in Scripture. It is one of the most humorous episodes recorded in the Bible, and provides a wonderful picture of how ordinary people respond to their supernaturally extraordinary circumstances.
Laura Bryan plays Elizabeth
Rachel Butler plays Mary
Glenn Polk Plays Zacharias
Christy Morris plays Philippa
Amy Weems plays Rhoda

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